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Poker Face Cigars

How we make your Cigar

Our Factory

In 2019 we moved on to blending our own cigars with the assistance of a well known Dominican master blender of cigars; Don Gomez who is the owner of Tabacalera El Hoyito (Tamboril, DR).   We grow and purchase our own tobacco here in Dominican Republic and we staff our own rollers at our small family owned private factory in Tamboril. Other businesses operations are performed in Las Caobas, Jamao al Norte. R.D.

*We also offer a private label service for special 

events or campaigns. No matter how small or large the order we are here for you. 

About Poker Face Cigars

Our History

The vision and production of Poker Face®️  began in 2015. Our leaves have been aged close to five years. Poker Face®️ has been in circulation in U.S. since 2018. Poker Face®️ is a registered trademark in United States and Dominican Republic. The owner of the trademark  is Poker Face Cartel LLC (Veras-Lowe family) formerly Taste of Dominican Cigars an Arizona LLC. Poker Face®️ is distributed in U.S. by Poker Face Cartel LLC. Poker Face®️ directors are Don-Lewis J. Lowe IV  and Magaly Veras De Lowe who is a Dominican native. In 2018 the Veras-Lowe family aka Poker Face Cartel initially released a small batch of 30,000 cigars to the public which were primarily distributed in California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. Since January 2020 we started our distribution in Florida (USA).

*We have been a member of BBB Central Florida since 2019. We are an accredited business with an A rating.