It’s More Than A Brand; It’s A Lifestyle

How we make your Cigar

In 2019 Don Lewis IV moved on to blending his own cigars with the assistance of a well known Dominican master blender of cigars; Don Gomez who is the owner of Tabacalera El Hoyito (Tamboril, DR).   Since then; Tabacalera Don Lewis IV grows, purchases and rolls it’s own cigars here in Dominican Republic using mostly Dominican grown tobacco. As a small family owned factory in Veragua, Espaillat, Republic Dominicana we staff 8 to 10 employees which ensures a constant quality final product for our consumers.

*We also offer a private label service for special events or campaigns.

*No matter how small or large the order we are here for you. 

About Poker Face®️


The vision and production of Poker Face®️  began in 2015. Our leaves have been aged close to five years. Poker Face®️ has been in circulation in U.S. since 2017. Poker Face®️ is a registered trademark in United States and Royal Flush®️ is it’s sister company in Republic Dominicana. The owner of the trademark  is (Veras-Lowe family). Poker Face®️ is distributed in U.S. by Poker Face Cartel LLC. Poker Face®️ directors are Don-Lewis J. Lowe IV and Dominican native, Magaly Veras De Lowe. In 2017 the Veras-Lowe family aka Poker Face Cartel initially released a small batch of 30,000 cigars to the public which were primarily distributed in California, Texas, Nevada, Florida and Arizona. 

*We have been a member of BBB Central Florida since 2019. We are an accredited business with an A rating.