Welcome to Poker Face®️ - Distributor, Wholesaler, and Exporter of Premium Cigars

  • Welcome To Poker Face®

  • Welcome To Poker Face®

  • Welcome To Poker Face®

Welcome To Poker Face®

Welcome To Poker Face®

Welcome To Poker Face®

Poker Face Tobacco Manufacturer and Distributor

Poker Face is a major distributor, wholesaler, and exporter of premium cigars. Producing only the highest quality tobacco for Cigar enthusiasts. Our products are loved by customers and make a great addition to your business's inventory. Our affordable and competitive pricing ensures that you are guranteed to get a positive return on your investment with every sale! Poker Face specializes in distributing to casinos, hospitality businesses, resorts & small retail businesses.

Why Choose Poker Face

Tobacco Manufactuer and Distributor

Thank you for your interest in Poker Face Cigars. We are a wholesale supplier and distributor of quality cigars. We offer Single, Bundle/Box, and Special Cigars.

Our distribution center offers a full line cigar flavors. We service tobacco shops, cigar stores, small retailers and full line distributors and have the ability to fulfill orders of any size from a single piece to thousands of items.

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How we make your Cigar

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Poker Face Single Cigars

Poker Face®️ 10 of Spades (Classic)

Poker Face®️ King of Spades Cigar (Maduro)

Poker Face®️ King of Spades Cigar (Habano)

Cigar Boxes and Bundles

Poker Face®️10 of Spades (Classic)

Poker Face®️King of Spades

Review of Poker Face®️ King of Spades

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What our customers say about poker face cigars

I've been following Poker Face since they launched their first cigar. I love the scent and taste! Very unique and pleasent.

Richard L.

I started ordering bundles from Poker Face to keep stocked in my smoke shop. Offering a few free samples, I was shocked to see how many customers came back to buy several Poker Face Cigars! I can't keep them in stock!

Bob P.

Poker Face cigars have been a hit with my customers. They can't get enough of them. Working with the team at Poker Face has been an absolute pleasuer! They are passionate about their cigars!

Frank D.